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Proof Construction Warranty & Insurance

Warranties & Insurance

We offer the most comprehensive roofing warranties and insurance coverage available.

We Stand Under Our Roofs
Lifetime Proof Weather Watch

The bottom line is your roof is really only as good as the company you choose to back it up.

Proof Construction & Remodeling in Tulsa Proof Warranty & Weather Watch Program

Choosing the right roofing contractor — one with a long local history of satisfied customers and top-quality roof installations and repairs — is probably the single most important step you will take. We stand behind (and under) our work and yes…We definitely have the reputation to prove it. Please ask us for a copy of our references with your proposal and we will gladly show you why we consistently rank as one of the top roofing contractor’s in the area.

Lifetime Proof Weather Watch Program: Proof Construction  enrolls every customer into a lifetime monitoring program allowing us to monitor your home in the event of severe weather (e.i. hail & tornados). Our office will notify you via SMS text or email for inspection & repair if needed.

Post storm and annual inspections after 3 years

Lifetime Annual Inspections:  Proof Construction  will inspect your roof annual upon request for the lifetime of your home.


3 Year NO LEAK Warranty:   Oklahoma laws require licensed roofers to give one year warranty on their work. That proof construction we provide a 3 year NO LEAK WARRANTY this provides enough time for your roof to experience all kinds of weather conditions.

50 year manufacturer LIMITED LIFETIME

Shingle Warranty:  Every Asphalt laminate architectural shingle has a 50 year shingles limited lifetime warranty. Additional warranties can be purchased for labor and material for up to 50 years.

At   Proof Construction, we work with the nation’s largest roofing system manufacturers and product suppliers, and we’ve been certified to install the best brands on the market today. All of this enables us to offer you the most comprehensive warranties and coverage available.

Insurance and Licensing

Proof  License #8004070


Have you checked the fine print of your contractor’s coverage and double checked references and insurance?

At Proof Construction, we don’t compromise when it comes to protecting both our workers and our customers. This is why we carry $2 million of general liability insurance, $2 million excess coverage and every roofing technician is covered by workers compensation.

Proof Construction is fully licensed, insured to perform work in the state of Oklahoma. With these credentials, you are assured that Proof Construction is both a credible and professional company and has been since the day we opened our doors and took on our first project. In short, we will provide you with a safe, reliable and comfortable contractor experience and we will be here to serve you long after we have completed the installation of your new roof.

Proof Construction Roof Repair Specialists.




What is an “R2R+” Inspection ?

Proof Construction supplies every customer with a comprehensive ROOF TO RIDGE analysis of the overall condition of your roof including , approximate years , ventilation, roofing system diagnosis, flashing evaluation, decking condition , layers , repair or replacement suggestions.

The “PLUS” Is in our diverse staff of carpenters, General Contractors and painters.
There is many times that the roofing portion of your home intersects with such potential issues as roof to wall siding , chimney siding , framing issues and fascia therefore we are able not only to determine the real cost associated with the job but moreover the correct way to let the roofing Segway into proper repairs of your structure.

Insurance can be of help in replacing your roof. PROOF CONSTRUCTION is highly skilled in identifying , estimating and damages caused by storm damages.
We are also well trained in code upgrades to ensure your home is up to date and you are compensated appropriately for your claim.

Proof Construction offers both physical and Drone inspection services to determine the above information depending on the pitch of your roof and location of damages.

A.I. Storm Assessment Software.

Proof Construction has the ability to take pictures of your roof and send those to a third party agency that uses A.I. technology to determine if there is enough damages to merit insurance replacement. We may use this feature upon request or when we feel it is needed in a claim procedure.

Proof Construction can evaluate your claim for damages that may have been overlooked on the first adjustment due to time , work load , Experience , and the lighting conditions during your first adjustment.
We can scrutinize your Scope Of Loss for Errors, Omissions , Code Upgrades and pricing. We then provide your insurance company documented pictures , a new SCOPE OF LOSS and reason behind our findings.

In some cases it is smart to use an engineer in your negotiation with the insurance company in regards to your first adjustment, PROOF CONSTRUCTION utilizes the help and expertise
of F.E.I. engineering , in some cases, to substitute our findings and write up a report before sending in your claim.


Initial Inspection (Physical & drone)

We will provide a thorough inspection of your roof by one of our skilled Roof Inspectors. We use a physical inspection and or DJI DRONE to provide you a comprehensive and complete inspection report.

One of our skilled inspectors will also include identifying damages to shingles, metal, screens, garage doors , siding ,fencing and interior that are a direct result from Storm damages including hail, wind and flying debris and will make an on site analysis and recommendation that your roof is fine, needs minor repairs, wait until your next storm or call it in for inspection for replacement and or repairs.


Proof works with all residential Insurance Carriers and has all the claim numbers to assist you in calling in your claim and going over the findings with the representative from your insurance company.

They will provide you a claim number, a date and time that they will meet you and or our Roofing professional.


All small below
PROOF Construction has been meeting and assisting Insurance companies on the behalf of our customers since day 1. PROOF may be asked to identify damages, assist the adjuster or answer questions. This can help make sure the Scope Of Repairs are thorough and complete. The presence of our Roofing Specialist may allow the insurance company to release all proceeds up front as well.
Step 3: Evaluate each claim for Errors, Omissions, Code Upgrades and Supplements using Xactimate

Each claim will have what is referred to as a SOL or SCOPE OF LOSS. This paperwork SHOULD identify ALL the damages that were a direct result of the DATE OF LOSS as well as attributing a price to all the cost of materials and professional repairs.

Proof Construction utilizes the same program your carrier uses called XACTIMATE and we scrutinize each claim for Omissions, errors as well as potential code upgrades that may need to be adhered to in your county or city. PROOF is able to make all corrections and supplement any additional proceeds owed.


Proof Construction Builds back all Roofs to meet NORTHERN STANDARDS

Proof Construction also handles all other repairs associated with your claim using only the best materials and installers for each specific trade such as gutters & covers, windows, metal, siding, fencing, sheetrock/ paint, awning, HVAC, Plumbing, flooring and Electrical.

Step 5: INVOICING, COMPLETION LETTERS, MORTGAGE Notifications, and final payment.

The final step for PROOF is to Provide your Insurance company with a COMPLETION LETTER with relevant pictures of the build and the final job, make sure all upgrades that were made to the property are noted by your carrier and supplement if applicable. We also supply and assist your mortgage company (if applicable) with inspections, completion letters, and copies of our insurance, Oklahoma Roofing License, General Liability, Workers Comp and w9.